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Roses 2017 - 2018

We ship both bare root and potted roses worldwide, subject to the import regulations of the destination country.

The goal of SechzehnEichen Rosenschätze is the acquisition, collection and preservation of rare roses to bring them to the gardens of rose lovers everywhere. Years of experience and worldwide contacts enable us to expand our collection and constantly present roses that are a joy for our customers.

Of particular importance is the close cooperation with the world's largest rose garden in Sangerhausen (Sachsen-Anhalt). The unique Pernetianas and Teerosen are presented in lovingly designed theme gardens.

SechzehnEichen is proud to present the newly created "Crimean Garden", which is devoted roses that were bred in the Ukraine and the former Soviet Union whose beauty is largely unknown in Western Europe.

In addition to the theme-gardens described, rose enthusiasts will also find rare, or just beautiful roses of different species planted throughout the garden.

Seminars and events in the name of the Rose round out the SechzehnEichen offers.

The stylishly renovated manor house and garden can be booked for your private events. Contact us by or give us a call.

Rose Sale:
Should you be interested in purchasing one or more of the rare roses of SechzehnEichen, you will find our current offers under 'Rose Sale'. Send us an so that we can advise you individually. It is also possible to ennoble roses that are not listed in the catalog.

Have fun while reveling in the beauty of the roses!